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Estates & Infrastructure

The SMS Group has extensive experience of working in and around major marine centric infrastructure - examples include the repair and maintenance of several major ports; Lowestoft, Ramsgate, HMNB Portsmouth & HMNB Devonport, Southampton, Poole and Bristol to name but a few.

Our Capabilities

Works include the repair and maintenance of swing bridges, linkspans and quayside facilities such as pontoons, derricks, cranes and gantry / rail systems.  Within the aforementioned navy bases The SMS Group has completed packages of diving / sub-surface engineering, the repair and overhaul of caissons, and the replacement, overhaul and renewal of penstocks and major valves.

Services include:

  • Waterflow management:
    • Pump houses, sluice gates, penstocks and valves
  • Heavy infrastructure:
    • Caissons and cranes
  • Diving and subsurface:
    • Surveys and anode replacements
    • Underwater engineering
  • Quaysides and pontoons:
    • Repairs and maintenance

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Where next?

Diving & Subsurface

Above and below the waterline our national service offering of diving and subsurface engineering solutions is unique to The SMS Group; shipside and shoreside our expertise is proven.

Electrical Engineering

Offering marine grade electrical engineering to our defence, cruise and commercial customers we’re pleased to offer survey, repair, renew, and installations solutions, throughout our network.

Energy & Renewables

The renewable and nuclear energy markets are key to The SMS Group; with support for this sector being spearheaded by our team in Lowestoft; CTV, WFSV and OSV support, welding and manufacturing.

Commercial Ship Repair

The SMS Group has commercial ship repair and marine grade manufacturing hubs in Lowestoft, Southampton and Avonmouth; covering the South East and South West of the United Kingdom.