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We’re proud to support UK Plc and our national defence assets; to include Surface Ships, Submarines and Navy Base infrastructure.

Proud To Support

The SMS Group is well established in the Defence sector; we proactively support the Royal Navy via our long-standing relationships with BAE Systems, KBS Maritime and Babcock International.  Our focus is on Ship Repair, Shipbuilding, and the repair and maintenance of Navy Base infrastructure.  We’re based within HMNB Portsmouth, HMNB Devonport and from our office in Scotland we support works in Govan, at HMNB Clyde / Faslane and also in Rosyth.  Our SQEP is security cleared, and our technical management come from the defence sector – we understand the space.

royal navy warship

Ship Repair

The SMS Group is principally a ‘ship repairer’ with first hand, extensive, experience, knowledge and knowhow in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of both surface ships and submarines.  Our Defence experience is Royal Navy centric; and comes with national and international reach.

  • Structural and pipe work
    • Coded welders support by an in-house Welding Quality Assurance Manager
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
    • OEM trained SQEP
  • Subsurface engineering and diving
    • With RN experience
  • Technical management and ship systems
    • A genuine understand of RN platforms / procedures
  • Multi-trade compartmental approach
    • Turn-key solutions for time schedules
royal navy warship


Taking our core skills and supporting the ‘shipbuilding’ space is second nature to The SMS Group’s technical management team and SQEP workforce.  Uniquely, we not only support RN vessels in build, in Scotland, we can also support both the commissioning phase at sea / alongside, and the handover period at HMNB Portsmouth or HMNB Devonport.

  • SQEP Provision
  • Work Packages
  • Manufacturing


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Navy Base Infrastructure

The SMS Group is based within eight ports and harbours; two of which are Navy Bases.  As a result we have extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of Hard FM and physical infrastructure; this expertise has evolved from our core, marine centric, engineering skills base and includes:

  • Caissons and lock gates
    • Surveys, overhauls, repairs and maintenance
  • Penstocks and associated systems
    • Multi-trade turn-key solutions
  • Valves and pumps
    • Overhauls and replacements
  • Hauling gear and turning gear
    • Bollards and associated structures
  • Sluice gates, guards, intake structures and waterflow management systems
    • Removals, installs and overhauls


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The SMS Group is proud to support the Armed Forces Covenant.

Armed Forces Covenant

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Where next?

Diving & Subsurface

Above and below the waterline our national service offering of diving and subsurface engineering solutions is unique to The SMS Group; shipside and shoreside our expertise is proven.

Electrical Engineering

Offering marine grade electrical engineering to our defence, cruise and commercial customers we’re pleased to offer survey, repair, renew, and installations solutions, throughout our network.

Energy & Renewables

The renewable and nuclear energy markets are key to The SMS Group; with support for this sector being spearheaded by our team in Lowestoft; CTV, WFSV and OSV support, welding and manufacturing.

Commercial Ship Repair

The SMS Group has commercial ship repair and marine grade manufacturing hubs in Lowestoft, Southampton and Avonmouth; covering the South East and South West of the United Kingdom.