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Diving & Subsurface

The SMS Group has, in-house, a dedicated, experienced and capable Diving and Sub-Surface Engineering team. With plant, equipment, and SQEP based in Lowestoft, Dover, Portsmouth and Bristol the business covers works on a planned and emergency basis across the following regions: East Anglia, the Thames, South East and South West. These ‘hubs’ are fully resourced and available to respond immediately.

Our core capabilities

  • Pre-purchase Surveys; hull inspection, underwater fitting and machinery. Mitigating the need the dock the vessel
  • MPI (magnetic particle inspection) testing; and Ultrasonic testing
  • Crack detection and definition
  • Planned and emergency diving support
  • Cathodic protection survey and renewal
  • In-water surveys, repairs and installations
  • Bespoke plant hire and heavy engineering equipment; barges, jack-ups, pontoons, safety and workboats
  • Propeller clearing, fouled running gear and underwater situation assessments
  • Salvage and damage assessment
  • Class extension inspections
  • Utilities infrastructure; repair and maintenance
  • Power stations, reservoirs and outflows
  • ROV deployment and ‘live’ data inspections
  • Contaminated water diving
  • CSWIP accredited divers to 3.1 and 3.2 levels
  • Lock gate, dock gates and cofferdam (manufacturing and installing)

Our engineering capabilities

  • Underwater welding and fabrication
  • Underwater construction
  • Sub-Surface mechanical engineering
  • Underwater cutting utilising BROCO equipment
  • Underwater lifting and recovery; to include search and complex lift plans



  • Equipment and resource in four key hubs
  • Lowestoft, Dover, Bristol, Plymouth
  • 24/7 support; both planned and emergency works

Our state-of-the-art ROV capabilities

  • Rapid response
  • Full HD Camera footage
  • MPI NDT attachments
  • Diver assistance
  • Dive to depths of up to 300m
  • Search, recovery and locate with the additional use of sonar attachments
  • Easy access in to smaller culverts, sewage and water plants

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Where next?

Electrical Engineering

Offering marine grade electrical engineering to our defence, cruise and commercial customers we’re pleased to offer survey, repair, renew, and installations solutions, throughout our network.

Energy & Renewables

The renewable and nuclear energy markets are key to The SMS Group; with support for this sector being spearheaded by our team in Lowestoft; CTV, WFSV and OSV support, welding and manufacturing.

Commercial Ship Repair

The SMS Group has commercial ship repair and marine grade manufacturing hubs in Lowestoft, Southampton and Avonmouth; covering the South East and South West of the United Kingdom.

Welding, Fabrication & Pipework

Heavy marine engineering is big part of our service offering; marine grade manufacturing and ship systems are front and centre of The SMS Group’s core capabilities.