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We’re always looking for good people to join the team.

The SMS Group is always looking for good, hard working and conscientious people to join the team.  If you’re a tradesman with welding, fabrication, pipe, mechanical, or electrical experience, preferably in the marine industry, then please drop us a line

Please note we’re hiring:

  • Marine Project Managers.
  • Mechanical Engineers.
  • Experienced Welders.
  • Pipe Fitters.

Alternatively please visit our People page and click on a link to the appropriate member of our management team.


Entrepreneurial Ideas

As a Senior Management Team we’re always chasing entrepreneurial ideas and innovation; we would be very keen to hear from you if you’ve an idea, or a route to market, that you think we should consider?  SMS is built around eight locations and a further two revenue streams – could you bring the ninth location or third revenue stream?  If you’ve an idea, a well-connected customer base, and/or a desire to perhaps ‘step up’ and lead your own team within a broader business, we would be very keen to hear from you.


We take pride in delivery.

The SMS Group focuses on the lifetime value of customer relationships, and ‘best in class’ project management.

Where next?

Electrical Engineering

Offering marine grade electrical engineering to our defence, cruise and commercial customers we’re pleased to offer survey, repair, renew, and installations solutions, throughout our network.

Energy & Renewables

The renewable and nuclear energy markets are key to The SMS Group; with support for this sector being spearheaded by our team in Lowestoft; CTV, WFSV and OSV support, welding and manufacturing.

Commercial Ship Repair

The SMS Group has commercial ship repair and marine grade manufacturing hubs in Lowestoft, Southampton and Avonmouth; covering the South East and South West of the United Kingdom.

Welding, Fabrication & Pipework

Heavy marine engineering is big part of our service offering; marine grade manufacturing and ship systems are front and centre of The SMS Group’s core capabilities.