Project Background

With a displacement of approximately 70,600 tonnes she is 280 metres (920 ft) long and the largest warship ever constructed for the Royal Navy. The two Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers are to be home based in HM Naval Base Portsmouth within touching distance of Burgess Marine. We are well placed to support prime contractors and OEMs that are contracted by the MoD to maintain the vessels throughout their in-service lives. We have been involved with the QEC project from the early days of production and were proud to support the preparation of barges and the appropriate sea fastenings that were used to transfer the large hull sections from the fabrication halls at Portsmouth to Rosyth Dockyard in Scotland. Our coded welders worked around the clock despite the elements to meet tight deadlines to ensure the barges were able to successfully depart on schedule.

Our Work

To date we have engaged directly with the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) and prime contractors in preparation for the vessels arrival at Portsmouth Naval Base in summer 2017.One of the challenges we overcame was the need to be able to flex our resources to meet the short and intense maintenance periods planned for the QEC vessels. Our concentration of labour resources available in the Solent Area at our multiple sites enabled us to be able to support the surge requirement without directly impacting on our wider customer base. More recently we have supported the ACA with works on HMS Queen Elizabeth since her first entry into HM Naval Base Portsmouth in August 2017. We have had a team of slingers working 7 days a week moving stores and equipment around the ship to support the various maintenance tasks being undertaken by the ACA. We have also had Lloyds Register coded welders working continuously on various projects throughout the ship’s maintenance period, most notably on insert repairs to the aircraft lifts that will ultimately be used to move the ships complement of helicopters and new F35 Lightning jets to and from the flight deck.

Resulting Success

We have started how we mean to go on and will be able to support the QEC vessels for a long time into their bright future. Having invested heavily in increasing the number of our Lloyds Register Coded Welders, we now have within our Solent based footprint a winning team. We have also spent a great deal of effort ensuring that our workforce have all of the necessary security clearances to be able to gain access to the QEC vessels. Our works to date on the HMS Queen Elizabeth have been fully to the satisfaction of the ACA and have been the subject of commendation from the class output management (COM) team. The experience we have gained during the first short but intense maintenance package at HM Naval Base Portsmouth will set us up well to continue to support the QEC programme long after the vessels are handed from the ACA to the Royal Navy at the vessel’s acceptance date. Burgess Marine are pleased to be part of the UK industry team headed up by the ACA in delivering Britain’s largest ever warship and proud to ultimately contribute to the effectiveness of our nation’s Royal Navy.

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You should be very proud of all that you do, it is wonderful.
Classic Yacht Owner
Many thanks for your rapid work today; we are back in action again
Chief Engineer, Solent Ship Operator
Please pass on my thanks and also the thanks from my Chief Executive and Operations Director, the support of the SMS team is very much appreciated
Head of Engineering, Solent Ferry Operator
Many thanks for your teams hard graft, the work was completed and as always I am extremely happy with the quality
Colour Sergeant, Royal Marines HM Naval Base Devonport
Thank the welders, the work that they produced was to the highest standard and were great to work with
Project Manager, UK Shipyard
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